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My Thoughts on Things
Bee and Puppycat
First off there really is nothing like starting the morning off with a nice bowl of Count Chocula.

Secondly what I really felt like talking about since I find it interesting, so I'm sure some of you have heard that Toys R' Us has come under some fire recently. For those who don't know there is a controversy going on from the store recently introducing a line of "Breaking Bad" action figures at their stores. And yes these toys do come complete with accessories such as handguns and bags of crystal meth(I wish you could make stuff like this up). So obviously there are many parents not too keen on this idea and you can see why after all. In all honesty I don't find this story as controversial as I do absolutely hilarious. But though I can see where parents are coming from with this really if they don't like Breaking Bad toys don't let your kids get Breaking Bad toys. Maybe if you want to as a parent explain why they can't get them and why drugs are obviously bad for you(mmkay?). Though call this a mere hunch but I kinda get the feeling that these toys are NOT for the children. Since not many kids are into hyper violent AMC dramas about Meth. Well not that I know of anyways. I think what Toys R'Us has in mind is that well with the success of places like Entertainment Earth, the sales of vinyls at Hot Topic and Spencer's that there is actually a fairly large market for adult collectors and toy enthusiasts so they want a piece of that money(as they are a business-damn you corporations, curse you for your sudden but inevitable betrayal!) and seeing as Breaking Bad despite being over is still a rather popular show why not start with them? I'm just waiting for the Firefly and Game of Thrones toys now...

Although it may seem like I'm mainly siding with the toy store still at the end of the day some parents still don't want their children exposed to that kind of thing so I think maybe the store should have a special aisle for like the fandoms and more young adult to adult orientated figures. I'd say to also have like a "for ages 15 and up" on the box too but that actually is probably already there. I mean because I had a friend who collected those horrifying Living Dead Dolls and those had an age to which you were allowed to purchase them(I think it was 13). So all in all I don't think this controversy is much of a controversy. But I was curious to what you all think of the matter? And would you buy Breaking Bad toys there? I might...

Also one last thing I just remembered I find it odd that these are what set SOME parents off to petition and protest. I mean because when I was little I remember getting Ripley and Private William Hudson figures from the movie Aliens and I mean that's actually a pretty violent and horrific movie one probably doesn't want to expose kids to either. There was also, and I think they still sell them, Jason Voorhees(I think there was also Chucky, Freddy Krueger, Micheal Myers, etc) figures and that's something that's just as if not way more so violent than Breaking Bad. So where is it we draw the line on this sort of thing?


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