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I'm a Mad Panda
AC - Marshall
Ugh it's so rare I rant but I am for once so genuinely upset right now...

Here's the story; so recently I received an iTunes gift card so I thought what the heck why not use it? I mean I could use something to listen to on the bus in the morning so I redeem the gift card no problem there-adds to the account immediately. But the problem is when I go to actually purchase one song. First I put in my password to double check it's me-solid, makes sense-but afterward they give me TWO security questions I never put in as protection to my account whatsoever so I log in to the apple site and choose the reset security questions option and they claimed to have sent me an email but I checked every tab in my email and I received no such message; and I've been consistently requesting a reset over the past week. And it's not like there's a problem with the email service I got a password reset with absolutely NO problem.

So to sum it up they are perfectly fine with taking what was technically MY money but when I request the product it was spent for in return I get absolutely NOTHING-all I wanted at the very least was the RWBY theme song; $1.29 not even an eight of what was on the gift card and I wasn't allowed that simple thing that I should rightfully and legally get. And don't even get me started on how useless apple support and contact support....

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Друг) Новогодние праздники прошли и поздравить мне тебя не с чем) Хочу попросить помощи) Мне нужен новый телек) Будь добр, помоги, посоветуй какой самый хороший) Заранее спасибо)

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