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Brief Synopsis of the Day
Street Piece Named Desire - Hush
Never been a big fan of sick days so to stay home all day confined to bed was a touch maddening. It was sinus pressure, sore throat, disgusting cough-the whole shebang. At least I didn't miss an all too important day in school; we were starting The Crucible in English which thankfully I've read before, finishing Apollo 13 in Film Studies, and more Stroke Order lessons in Mandarin 2, oh and also more info on our Physics class. But even all that would have been better than just having to rest all's both a blessing and a curse to have a mother that works in the medical I used to and still do say I felt a lot better than I actually was because I have always refused the concept of sick days even when I had true influenza but that's a story for another time possibly...

On the brightside I got some things "accomplished" if you can even call it that. I reread Game of Thrones, finally started the Wheel of Time series hopefully it's as good as previously been hyped to me, I watched all the animated Halloween specials I could find on YouTube, and marathoned one of my favorite kdramas to see how well it held up-which it totally does or what holding up is considered to most people for a kdrama-and that was about my day. Man self please PLEASE be better by tomorrow, there are only so many kdramas out there.

Now to end on a question or questions. What are some of your favorite Halloween specials animated or not-if you even believe in partaking of the holiday-and second if it's your thing what are some of your favorite kdramas or some of the best you've personally seen? For me mine have to be Shut Up & Let's Go, Iris, Coffee Prince, and Boys Before Flowers(do not judge me). In regards to Halloween specials that's hard I love so many(I'm a big Halloween fan) but some of my favorites are Raggedy Ann & Andy and the Pumpkin Who Couldn't Smile, Disney's Sleepy Hollow, Bunnicula, all Halloween related Power Rangers episodes, same with monster of the week cartoons, any horror movie marathon/fest, and I count Trick r Treat, and Army of Darkness too for the hell of it. Well just to name a few...

This is really rambly and forgive me for that but I have hardly spoken to another soul all day and with someone like me that is pure torture haha.

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I'm a huge horror movie fan: have you seen Dead - Alive? it's supposed to be one of the goriest films ever made. Peter Jackson directed it way before he did the Lord of the Ring Films.

As for Halloween -- I only like films such as Hocus Pocus & the original Halloween horror film...

I hope you're feeling better tomorrow.

Take care

I've never even heard of it but if I can stomach Cannibal Holocaust and adore Ichi the Killer I'll definitely have to check it out. And Hocus Pocus is so rad in all its campiness and weird focus on virgins haha. Thanks slowly but surely I'm improving.

Cannibal Holocaust is so out there -- I loved it, but then I love all extreme films.

The extreme exploitation film genre is just great

Hope you feel better soon! :)

Hocus Pocus!, Garfield's Halloween Adventure are my favorites ^^

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