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Things I Ponder Lying in Bed at Night...
Street Piece Named Desire - Hush
Is Animal Crossing ruining my life or making it better?

Should I be worried about my group not doing their part of the work for our big Physics project?

Are free radicals truly radical?

Should I still strive for perfection despite it being impossible?

Does absolute truth exist?

Why do people not like pitbulls? They're flippin adorable...

Who am I?

Am I my being, my thoughts, my passions? Am I none of these things?

What is beauty?

When's the next Starcraft expansion pack coming out?

Should I be studying for the AP test now?(it's at the end of the year).

What college would actually be best for me?

Is it gonna rain tomorrow?

And most important:

Why aren't I playing Animal Crossing right now?

Alright so this post might be a bit on the random side but I'm tired and I think these things often so I just thought I'd share some I was just thinking. I may or may not do these things every once in awhile, depends on how I feel about this post in the morning haha. So to all you beautiful lovely people what do you like to think about at night? As you can see mine involves a lot of Animal Crossing, I don't quite get why I love that game like I do...

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Hahaha this list was fun to read, I agonized over the 'which college would be best' question for countless nights :) personally, I think about all my worries at night, which is a terrible habit but they seem to grow larger than life at the end of the day. I'm trying to think of more abstract, impersonal ideas the way you do though :)

I don't know Starcraft is pretty personal to me haha. But I tend to think about my worries less and less lately and yet at the same time more and more if that makes sense. Like since I've started the new school year and also taking philosophy I've been starting to feel better and more at ease with my life yet when the littlest things happen like getting a C+ on a paper which might bring my B+ down to a B- gives me like intense anxiety ridiculous as that sounds. So I've just been trying to sit back drink some green tea and do the best I can. College still scares me but when it comes I hope I'll be ready

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