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Living the Dream...Well Not Exactly But I'm Happy with my Life Thus Far
Dream - Bee and Puppycat
This is another brief summary of the going ons in my life at the moment, thankfully this time I am no longer ill though I do still have a slight cough-but no worries. Anyhow good news on my behalf you are looking at the new costume designer/builder for both the plays Arsenic and Old Lace and Into the Woods...not too mention I'm the only one on for these things so I have a lot of work to do...but haha yaaay! I'm so stoked though as a theater guy I feel ashamed to say until now I've never heard of Arsenic and Old Lace and I only knew the name of Into the Woods and nothing of its story. Though now that I know at least the slightest bit of info about Into the Woods I'm VERY surprised my school is allowing us to do the uncensored version of it. My school is a little erm...old fashioned about that sort of thing (guess the theater teacher/supervisor was very adamant about doing her vision of the play). Maybe a better term would be traditional(weird as it is a relatively new school too) or strict. But I cannot wait to get started and I'm so glad that at least there are a BUNCH of people signed on to do hair and makeup so my focus is design and creation of the costumes and costumes alone. I already have so many ideas for both the plays though I am more excited about Into the Woods honestly because while Arsenic and Old Lace is a dark comedy set in the 40s which is so rad; Into the Woods is sort of the dark, tragic, realistic rendering of fairy tales and fantasy and I have my mind on a Guillermo del Toro Pan's Labyrinth inspired aesthetic, as del Toro's works have been a HUGE inspiration on my works. Anyhow this is gone on for far too long so I'll end here. I hope the best is going for all of you as this week draws to a close, bye for now! Also who else is stoked that October's coming next week??

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Congratulations! I'm sure you'll do an excellent job on both plays. I like Into the Woods but it's not my favorite Sondheim musical. I've seen the film version of Arsenic & Old Lace (any ideas on how you're clothing the Boris Karloff character?). Guillermo del Toro is a great choice of inspiration for Into the Woods. Tell me something: Do you watch Project Runway?

Oh thank you! I'm not quite sure how to do the Boris Karloff character-I think bringing that to life will mostly be the power of the hair and makeup crew, probably it'll be his black suit I saw him wear in most of the pictures I searched for him, love Boris Karloff I just don't know nearly enough about him; it'd be easier for me if it were like Bela Lugosi or Vincent Price. Anyhow no I never really watched/got into Project Runway.

I am! My favorite months are October-December :)

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