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Huzzah tis October
Leigh Daniel Avidan
This is an entirely pointless post but you don't understand how stoked I am right now. It's October so now it's socially acceptable to buy indecent amounts of candy(only to stare at them sadly since that much sugar isn't good for me *sad panda*), also to decorate my room with tombstones, and a personal love to bing watch campy horror movies, gothic horror dramas, and weird ass messed up animes(currently I'm planning on trying out Tokyo Ghoul or Red Garden finally-also I recommend Paranoia Agent to almost anyone). It also means it's time for me to be overly neurotic about Halloween costumes, specifically mine own of course. There's just so many things to do, I change my mind so often, and it must be done in a decent amount of time arrgh! It messes with my head. So I thought I'd ask you guys what I should do for a costume this year thus far I've been contemplating doing the male version of Pearl from Steven Universe. I just really identify with her as a character and find her to be the most relatable character-at least to me. But like I said I change my mind a lot. Other ideas I've had are Wash from Firefly, Stark from Farscape, Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, Attack on Titan's Eren Jaeger, etc. So I was hoping if you guys didn't mind helping me decide; it doesn't even have to be a thing I listed off. Please and thank you. Also if you're into Halloween what are your plans this year if you have any thus far or if you'll be dressing up and as what? If none of those things that's rad too:) Hope everyone is having a great day/week!

One final thought; today I started watching the Call to Cosplay series on Crunchyroll and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet...

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I hope you're going to share some of that candy with me ha ha XD

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