Can't Really Think of a Good Title for This...
Dan Avidan
So question to all my fellow scifi friends out there is the novel Battlefield Earth worth a read? I saw it sitting on a shelf all lonesome in my school library and picked it up on impulse. I know the movie made from it is absolutely dreadful-in the most hilarious of ways mind you-I just hope I'm not making the same mistake with this book.

Hey Everyone!
Street Piece Named Desire - Hush
I totally didn't forget my username and password for the past two weeks that would just be absurd...

In Case of Fire Break Glass
Dan Avidan
Tonight's one of those nights where the family spends time together outside while Bing Crosby and the other great broilers play as well all try to toss charcoal into the chimney of the burning firepit like it's a game of PIG....we're smart at times. But don't worry-we are all great distance from the open flame; and I personally am far away not participating enjoying this beautiful night with water and a number to the fire authorities at hand...

Wish everyone the best of nights or mornings depending on where you are!

Also I've been placed on watching the dogs so they don't eat said charcoal....

Random Musings
Be Yourself - Bruce Lee
Hello good people. This is a little more about me and just a pointless post I thought I'd make. So this isn't my first go around on livejournal, I had one back in middle school-which is weird that seems so long ago when it was just a few years-but it's weird how much I've changed since then. Like if I could I'd go back and punch past Kiet in the face that guy was a pretentious asshole. Like I just think back at those times and laugh at them. Geesh, I thought I was SO deep-how embarassing. Though thankfully I've long since deleted that journal; which I feel is for the benefit of society, I mean goddamn was I an apathetic little prat. So the reasoning behind me saying this is that I'm glad I've changed so much since then, I like who I am now, I like being happy, I like just feeling so genuine as a person now. I mean sure I have my down days still but we all do. Life is just such a better place for me at the moment. And really that's all I felt like getting off my chest for now. Thanks for reading my mindless babble and redundant words!

Question of the Day #1
Street Piece Named Desire - Hush
If you could be any superhero who would it be and why?
Be it relatability, physical similarities, cool powers or just why the hell not?

So this may be something I do from time to time as just a little getting know you type of thing-hope you all are cool with that and bye for now!

Ni Hao!
Street Piece Named Desire - Hush
Hello! Nice to meet you all, my name is Kiet and I am a high school boy but don't worry I am far from an angsty teenager haha. So a little about me: I am a proud Thai American, I'm in my second year of Mandarin Chinese at the moment, as much as I try to deny it I'm also a little bit of a film snob, I am a relatively hardcore gamer(because those words make sense together), also cosplay and theatrical costuming are my lifeblood.

Other things-

Favorite music-Well I listen to a lot of music; classic rock, industrial, ambient, classical, indie, folk revival, alternative, punk, reggae, blues, visual key, heck even kpop!

Favorite movies-Most things by either Takashi Miike or Guillermo del Toro. Also the entire Bruce Lee collection. Waking Life, Trainspotting, Old Boy, Wild Zero, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and a lot of cult and exploitation films.

Television shows-Cowboy Bebop, Farscape, Firefly, Cosmos, Face Off, the usual

Books-Count of Monte Cristo, Ocean at the End of the Lane, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, A Clockwork Orange, Odd Thomas, Brave Story, Fear Nothing, Salem's Lot, Interview with the Vampire, American Gods....this could take awhile.

Last quick facts because I forgot them at first. My dream is to work in pratical effects and costumes for movies. I spend time writing, studying evironmentalism/animal rights/ a LOT of history, reading, gaming, sewing, filming, drawing, drinking bubble tea, and yes even larping because I'm rad like that haha.

So what I'm looking for in a friend, anyone who shares similiar interests or if you don't have any and just want to be friends that's great too! That's how some of my best friendships have started before. I'm down to clown with most people; I'm just not down with sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, just hate in general. We just need to love eachother. So that's it for now, bye!


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